What Role Does Faith, Commitment and a Positive Attitude Play in YOUR Success?

It is my position that leadership talents are learned and with the possible exception of intelligence, we acquire the skills and qualities needed to be a successful leader. Leaders are not born, they are made. All of us are products of our past and any limiting influences that you may be aware of have played a part in your early development.

Reintroducing a strong faith in a higher power and conducting business with ethical behaviors; respecting others; showing empathy for customers and staff; and allowing our action to speak louder than our words, is important. It’s part of our American heritage. The founding fathers created a vision that included faith, commitment and positive attitude. Today, regrettably, I read and witness first-hand a failing of leaders that consistently demonstrate positive behaviors that a prudent person would construe as faith-based, committed or positive.


With record profits in corporate America, we continue to read about large staff layoffs. The great recession is now 5-years old and things are improving. Just as it was short-sighted 5 years ago to place the consequences of an economic disaster and management decisions on the staff with massive layoffs, it is almost criminal today to punish the people needed to carry out the goals and accomplish the mission of your organization via layoffs, cutting professional development, training and benefits, etc.


In the almost 30 years I served as a credit union CEO, it was my experience that almost all of the people with whom I had a relationship were good, honest, demonstrated Christian-values, were committed to doing the right things, and possessed a positive attitude. Since we all had these shared values and leadership attributes, the job was never work, it was a pleasure and honor to serve others.


In the years since my transition to certified business coach, some of my clients struggled with any discussion of spirituality. It is my belief that spirituality has a place in the work-life balance of all my clients and yourself. Just as physical, financial, family, etc., have their place. We humans are complex beings seeking balance, rewards, career advancement, loving relationships with family and friends, to earn the trust of our peers and leave a legacy.  That legacy can either be a positive one or not.


How do you view your own faith, commitment and attitude? Do any of them need a course adjustment? If you view any one or more as weakness, does that give you the push to redirect yourself and become more of what you can be?


I work exclusively with ethical, successful leaders who are prepared to make positive changes in their behavior, and to develop teams that are committed to the vision and mission of the organization. Together, we discuss taking right actions and essential to doing so are faith, commitment and a positive attitude

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  • Chris and Suzanne Styles Aug 13, 2013

    I am delighted to read that you are referring to faith and commitment in the corporate environment - the era of greed and maximise human outputs at great cost to employees is over. Congratulations

  • Jim Bohn, PhD Aug 15, 2013

    My belief in God has one radical implication: Someone else is watching my actions, no matter where I am, no matter what I do, and my actions are recorded for a day in which I will be judged for my motives, intentions, actions, outbursts, or acts of service and humility. I can't think of any motivation that exceeds this belief. Secondly, by believing my life has worth and purpose, I take joy in what I do ... as opposed to a nihilist view of worthlessness.

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